Monday, July 21, 2014 presents #UnRapTheTalent a Multi Talent online video posting competition presents #UnRapTheTalent a Multi Talent online video posting competition.
What Can You Do?
All you need to do is film yourself with a camera/phone showcasing your talent. It can be (dancing, singing, acting, jokes, fighting, cooking, hairdressing, magic tricks, football, gymnastic, comedy, twerking, pet’s videos, etc.
There are no limitations to the videos that can be sent in, applicants can also send in any video that they think the public will find interesting, this can be any random video that may not include any sort of talent. At the end of the day the aim of the competition is to find the most interesting video for the public.
How Do I Send My Video?
Send your video through remember to include your bio, contact details name, email, phone and picture and send it to our email
Then What?
As soon as your video is received it shall be uploaded on , once uploaded you can start sharing the links to your mate, family and friends.
What Does The Winner Get?
The Winner
Gets £10k (Ten thousand pounds sterling) plus 1 week holiday for 2 in a 5***** Hotel in London England.
Runner Up
Wins £7k (Seven thousand pounds sterling) plus 1 week holiday for 2 in a 5***** Hotel in Johannesburg South Africa.
Third Place
Wins £5k (Five thousand pounds sterling) plus 1 week holiday for 2 in a 5***** hotel in Lagos Nigeria.
Other Consolation Prices
Includes free recharge phone cards and free video promotion.
Do I Pay?
It is absolutely free to enter the competition no fees or payment is required. However all contestants must sign up with us on our social media profiles to be eligible for the contest. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram YouTube kicotvonline.
What’s The Format & Duration?
Applicants send in their talent videos, the videos will be uploaded and promoted on
The video with the most public views, like and social media shares wins.
UnRap The Talent Video Submission starts on the 18/07/2014 and ends on the 18/08/2014 once the video submission closes no more entries will be accepted.
Voting starts on the 19/08/2014 contestants can now share their videos to family and friends to acquire views count. Voting closes on the 19/09/2014 at exactly midnight. Any views after the 19th will not be counted.
On the 20th 21th and 22nd 23rd will be dedicated to all the views counting. Independent British adjudicators will be brought in to observe the counting process to make sure that it’s free and fair.
On the 24th the top 10 contestants will be announced and voting resumes for another week. On the 25/09/2014 five contestants will be eliminated.
The top 5 will battle it out for another 2 weeks before the final result is announced on the 10/10/14.
A member of staff will contact the winners and inform them on how to collect their prices.
Who Pays Visa Fee?
Visa fees and any other application or administrative fees are paid by the contest winner only has to provide a valid travel passport.

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