Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Beauty Tips: How to apply Foundation like a Pro


There are some days I wake up and my face looks effortlessly smooth and pretty, I'd  just use some powder and I'm ready to have an awesome face day. Other days it feels like everything (well almost everything) that can go wrong, went wrong. Its at times like these I really appreciate d 'invention' of this beauty product: The foundation.
 When it comes to makeup application, Less is really more and this applies to foundation too. Why should a lady use so much foundation on her face then end up looking like someone with no friends wearing a mask?! Beats me!  We already have too many problems in the world, foundation mishaps SHOULD NOT be added to the list. Foundation should be used sparingly, a thin layer at a time and for a perfect 'canvas' to work on, make sure your skin is well prep'd, see previous post on (Beauty Tips: Quick Guide for a Nice and Flawless Make Up Base) then  follow these guidelines to help you get that cake free foundation done like a pro :D.                                                        

To get the perfect shade for your skin tone, you have to try them on. Test along your jaw-line ( not on your wrist) in daylight, look for the shade that goes well with the color of your neck/chest and blends well with your face. Try different shades to be sure, If you're still in doubt, seek the help of a beauty adviser.

 If your aim is to get little coverage (usually for everyday foundation application) you can use your fingertips (clean hands please),  apply to problem areas and blend properly. For full foundation coverage, do use a sponge or a brush or use a beauty blender for an airbrushed finish. Its is best to use a sponge or brush for a professional look. (from left to right Foundation Brush, Beauty Blender, Sponge)
Foundation SpongeFoundation BrushBeauty Blender

Use a concealer under the eyes to brighten up a tired face, and cover up unsightly sunspots, blemishes, and dark-eye circles.                                                        

This cannot be over emphasised. It is usually one obvious difference between an amateur and a pro makeup application. Blend paying extra attention to the hairline, jawline, around the nostrils and upper lip, blend and  blend some more till its perfect!

Do this using a matching powder , brush over your face  to keep the face looking perfectly polished.                                                                      
 DO's and DON'Ts.                                                                 
•DO use a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly, make sure it looks natural from your face to your neck.
•DO apply foundation on your eyelids up to your brow to help even out eyeshadow appearance.
•DON'T test foundation shades on your wrist.
•DO look for a foundation with built in SPF protection (at least SPF 15).
•DO set your foundation with a powder that contains SPF.
 •Dampen your foundation sponge before use.            

 Follow these guidelines and your days of 'cakey', not so pleasant made-up face are over. Be the Pro ;).                            
Do ask questions/comments.

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  1. This is really enlightening

  2. Wat happens wen u use a foundation darker or lighter dan ur skin tone?

  3. MM, when you use a foundation shade lighter or darker than your skin tone, u'd look like you're wearing a mask,your face and neck/entire body will have different color tones. When using foundation, our aim should be; getting a uniform skin tone.

  4. Dampen the foundation sponge? I'd try that!!!

  5. I really like your tips! It's funny though, sometimes no matter how many times I read this kind of advice I still end up smearing foundation on my hand.. I like your article; I also really like http://www.beauty.ps/blog , their blog is all about getting the perfect foundation, check them out!


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