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Here's Kcee - Limpopo Official Video For Those of You who havent seen it yet

Since I got A lot of Requests on this particular Video decided to dig it out for y'all.. One Love.... Enjoy

Watch The Video Below

Photo Of The Day

Anybody knows this girls where about? Kindly let me know or some contact info, its not like she's missing or anything, I just really want to ask a question or 2... LoL Just kiddin' any ways people, feed your eyes... Its definitely a sight to behold :-D

Pop Singer Pink Covers June Issue Of Glamour Magazine

Pink is on the June cover of Glamour and opens up about her marriage, her daughter's new vocabulary an being a ''reformed slut'', The ''Walk of Shame'' singer explained to the mag why a lot of her songs are about sex.
''Its My unsophisticated way of talking power back'' she said. ''I've always had an isue with the idea that: OK, We've both decided to do this. Why am i a slut and you're the player? You didnt get anything from me that i didnt get from you...''

Islamic Sect ''BOKO HARAM'' showing of weapons captured during a raid in an Army Barrack

Watch Video below

Chris Brown’s Dad: “Leave Rihanna alone, Chris”

AQFOH chris-brown-dad-e1340017545134
If Rihanna is wise, she should stay away from her violent lover Chris Brown; this is what his own father thinks.
In his first interview about the couple’s reconciliation, the singer’s dad, Clinton Brown, has come publicly to show his disappointment that the fiery pair rekindled their romance in January.
Rihanna, 25, shocked fans by taking back 23-year-old Chris, four years after he left her black and blue in a vicious assault on the night of the Grammys in 2009.
And even Clinton (Chris Brown’s father) believes they should have stayed apart because their similar personalities make them a dangerous and unbalanced combination.

(PHOTOS) Rihanna and Her NEW Man!

RIHANNA puckers up and plants a kiss on the cheek of a mystery man

Rihanna – currently dating Chris Brown – was snapped with a smitten fan Justin Laboy on Sunday in a series of Twitter pics.
Rihanna, 25, is seen closing her eyes as she cosies up to the good-looking lad on what appears to be a night out. See More Photos

Photos: Rapper 2Shotz Showing Off His Beautiful Wife

Huh?!.. Nigerian Police Arrests Cow for murder in Ogun state

Our police are working: Cow arrested for murder in Ogun state

The police at Sango Ota, Ogun State, southwest Nigeria, have arrested a cow following the killing of a 24-year old Man identified as Azeez Salako at Ilata area of Ota, a suburb of Ogun State.
P.M.NEWS gathered that youths in Ilata Ota were planning to hold a carnival on Saturday 27 April, 2013 and there was an argument between some of the youths which led to a fight and one of the boys identified as Dayo broke a bottle which he used to stab Salako in the neck and he bled to death.

When the police arrived at the scene of the fracas everyone had fled leaving behind the cow bought for slaughter during the carnival and the police arrested the cow and took it to the station where it is currently being detained. When P.M.NEWS visited Sango Area Command where the incident was reported, both the Area Commander ACP Titi Kayode and the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Sango Division CSP Dibie were not available for comment. However, a source at the station who confirmed the incident on condition of anonymity said the suspected killer is on the run as no arrest has been made.

Both the Area Commander and the DPO are not around now. We are still investigating the matter as no arrest has been made. The person who was alleged to have stabbed the deceased is on the run. It is only the cow the youths wanted to use for the carnival that was brought from the scene,” said the source.

- PM News

New Joint: Momentum – We Dey Vex ft Michael Demi & Godwon

Get Familiar: Momentum – We Dey Vex ft Michael Demi & Godwon

The “Street Boy With Attitude”, Momentum teams up with Michael Demi n Godwon to produce this banging hip-hop joint!!! “We Dey Vex” (Prod by MadSkills) is the first single off Momentum’s upcoming mixtape billed to drop later this year.
Expect some more good music from the upcoming rapper as he attempts to stake his claim in the ever growing Nigeria rap scene!!! Follow on twitter @Momentum_SBWA

Momentum - We Dey Vex ft Michael Demi & Godwon

Photos: Samklef’s new Video Features His Wife and Baba Suwe

Photos: Samklef’s new Video Features His Wife and Baba Suwe

Samklef recently shot the video for the remix of ‘Suwe’ song that featured Olamide, the video was shot . The video had appearances from the Legendary Yoruba Actor, Baba Suwe and also had Samklef’s wife Yvonne.

‘#InIRedu’, An Epic African Remake Of Macbeth [Exclusive Photos]

‘#InIRedu’, An Epic African Short Film [Trailer & Exclusive Photos]

Shakespeare’s Macbeth has been around for many years and so, has been adapted in many ways to suit centuries, age groups, cultures,  expressed in both original and local languages.  The story of Macbeth is an important reading in English literature classes around the world.  So, its no surprise its being adapted again by a group of young Nigerian film makers – In iRedu, and we must admit we love their take on the famous fascinating play.

Ladies: Here are 10 Ways To Get Your Boyfriend To Propose To You


Sometimes we tend to be in relationships for a long period of time, yet expecting your boyfriend to pop the question and probably no sign he's going to do pop the question anytime soon.
If you are desperate enough, you can try some of these suggestions.

Become His Mother’s Best Friend
Why are you spending those lazy Saturday afternoons gossiping with friends and catching up on the latest gist? Why are you following him to Cold Stone for ice-cream? Stop that now! Spend your Saturdays with your potential mum-in law.
Go to the market, make her lunch and arrange her closet. That way, he’ll notice the bond between you and her. If he is a mama’s boy, you already have that ring.
Attend Every Family Function
Even if he just mentions it casually or doesn’t invite you, FIND the venue. That favourite aunt of his would notice you and start pestering him to marry you. Don’t forget to dress to kill and buy the Aso-Ebi where applicable.
Cook Your Heart Out.
Don’t waste his money on a buffet at Protea today and Thai food tomorrow. In fact you are wasting your children’s school fees on irrelevant dates. If you’re not able to cook, LEARN! Enroll yourself for catering classes. Furthermore, as our people say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
Let Him Win most Arguments
Ladies stop arguing and just accept. Men love nothing more than to have their ego stroked, so massage and polish that ego. Sometimes there could be a particular issue in the relationship that keeps rearing its ugly head. You argue and it makes him less inclined to marry you.
Minimize Your Outings
You are on the path to being Mrs Somebody. Your man can’t propose to you if you are still gallivanting around town with your “girls” going out for drinks, concerts and so on. Hang out with them during the day. If you have to be out at night, make sure it’s in his company or a night vigil. This way, you are adding more yards to your wife material.
Always Look Smashing
There is nothing more that a man likes than his woman looking like a 10. What are you using your salary for? Invest it in your looks.  That’s what attracted him in the first place. If you are into weaves, you can’t slack using cheap synthetic ones; you must go for Brazilian, Peruvian, or Mongolian weaves.
If you are team natural, make sure you’ve got it together. Most importantly make sure your nails are perfectly manicured because you never know when he’ll propose.
He Must be Your Plus+One For all Weddings.
Forget that single girlfriend of yours that tags along to weddings with you to fish for men. Take your potential le hubby! This way he’ll get inspired by what he sees. In fact get all your friends to start asking “when is it your turn guys?” You know how that could be annoying. He’ll just get tired of hearing it all the time and he just might pop the Q to shut them up.
Catching The Bouquet. 
This is extremely important. At every wedding you attend, you must and I stress MUST catch the bouquet by all means. You can push, pull weaves, punch your competitors or even bribe the bride. Just make sure you go home with the bouquet. If you catch it each time, he’ll think it’s a sign from God.
You Don’t need an 18-carat Diamond Tiffany& co Engagement Ring. 
Nowadays, a lot of guys have it in their heads that they need to invest in a center stone and who can blame them? Ladies be content. Be it diamond, ruby, emerald, granite or a piece of Olumo rock.
After all ain’t nobody’s “bidness” but yours and your baby! The whole point is to have a ring with a rock. Let your guy know you’d be happy either way. This way, he’ll need less time to save up for a ring.
Buy your wedding dress and deposit for a reception venue!
This is FAITH and the most important of all. The good book says with God all things are possible. You need to believe that he is going to propose so my dear go ahead.

New Joint: LKT | Alaye Remix Ft Davido

Get Familiar: LKT | Alaye Remix Ft Davido

The song was planned to drop with the video which was shot 3weeks ago by James ludare in Lagos, but apparently it leaked this morning online.
Here is the original released by the management. The video drops real soon but whilst we wait, enjoy Alaye. 

My Guyses: Here are 5 Signs That Your Girlfriend Used To Be Queen of Flirts

The discussion of past intimate partners can be a topic that is often avoided when starting a new relationship.  Women who are open and free-spirited about their sexuality are among us, and while most men say they want a woman with some experience, they don’t want to feel like she’s got more miles on her then his SUV. So, if you' re getting the feeling that your new girlfriend has been around, here are 5 signs to look for to determine if the "sweet and innocent" woman you are with used to be the kind of girl guys thought of as a "sure thing."

1. She's unusually savvy in bed 
Love-making should be good and you do have women that have developed a marvelous sense of their sexual self from only a couple of partners and/or long-term relationships. However, if you’re with a girl and she does a move that is just toogood, that quality for her may have come as a result of having made more than just a few trips around the bases.

2. She personally knows a lot of guys
It's not unusual for a woman to have a guy friend; however, it is not common to be constantly bumping into guys who your girlfriend knows and has obviously been intimate with. For example, the two of you go out and she says to you, “Hey wait, let me say hi to my friend Greg.” Another set of guys walk in. “Those are my friends John, Matt and Todd. I have to go say hi to them.” Another set walks in and she continues to know all the guys.

The guys appear comfortable speaking to both of you, or know her immediately by her name, or even know her but can't recall her name for some reason. Their conversation will be short, awkward and painful to experience. As you leave, the guys will look at you in a way that signals “We’ve already had your girl.” Afterwards your girlfriend will swiftly explain that “they're just old friends” and change the conversation.

3. She makes love as if on auto-pilot 
Have you felt all romantic after a late-night romp with your current girlfriend, but she was left untouched by the experience? If she is too mechanical, the dirty talk is flaccid with phony excitement, she wants to please herself, or please you and then be done with it, or seldom has interest in cuddling or the like, it is a good indication that you are one in a long line and she's had her fair share.

4. She knows a lot about condoms 
It's a great thing for women to protect themselves. We're talking about the girls that know just a little too much about condoms and say things like: “That brand has a higher risk of breaking”, or “don’t flush it because condoms clog my toilet.”  

5. She routinely gets tested 
An obvious sign that she's been around in the past and has likely been with various partners is that she routinely gets tested for sexually-transmitted diseases.

If you discover that your girlfriend has been around in the past, don't jump to conclusions. Ask her about the relationships, listen carefully to her tales and decide if there is a double standard in regards to the amount of women that you've been with. If she's has had many partners in the past, but loves you, treats you right and wants to engage in a serious relationship, should it really matter?

Source: Everywherenigeria.com

Photos: Banky W. And Tiwa Savage Hosting New Entertainment Show

Banky W and Tiwa Savage Hosts Entertainment Show
Entertainment lovers in Nigeria and abroad are about to be treated to ‘mouth-watering’ contents from the stable of Mo Abudu’s new television network, EbonyLife TV. To give you best of entertainment, R&B star, Banky W and Nigeria’s finest female musician, Tiwa Savage have already started work on a talk show that is aptly titled “The Banky & Tiwa Show.”
The show will parade top personalities from different segments of society but the entertainment part of such guests will be “tickled” by Banky W and Tiwa Savage. More photos below…
Banky W and Tiwa Savage Hosts Entertainment Show2
Banky W and Tiwa Savage Hosts Entertainment Show3

Photos of Olamide YBNL with Boo

The Nasty Things That Go On in Nigerian Clubs

Watch Video Below

My Mum Encouraged me to go Into Prostitution – Kaffy


Dance queen Kaffy confesses about how her mother nearly made her go into prostitution so as to make ends meet.
The talented dancer revealed this while she was addressing a group of youths at a programme held not too long ago. In a report by Ngtrends , she chipped it in during the coversation while encouraging the young lads at the event to learn how to read between the lines so that they won’t be misguided because sometimes, the people that they look up to may be the one that will lead them astray.
The mother of two, also disclosed that she had to pay her way through school as she did not attend the conventional school that every other child attends because she had to wait for the regular school goers to close from school so that she could borrow their books and cover up but luck smiled on her when she made a record for herself and country at World Marathon Dance, by breaking the existing record for the Guinness Book of World Records through dance

New Joint: Yung6ix Feat. Percy – First Class Freestyle

firstclass freestyl

Storm Records ensign, Yung6ix ports to a 2Face-style flow on this new tune, “First Class Freestyle”. The young rapper gives a little insight on what’s been going on his career, Nigeria as well as takes a few shots at the ‘haters’.

Meet Willem-Alexander, the new king of The Netherlands, Europe's Youngest Monarch

Europe’s Youngest Monarch: Meet Willem-Alexander, the new king of The Netherlands

Holland got its first new king in over 100 years on Tuesday as Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated in favor of her son, Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand.
After 33 years on the throne, Beatrix, 75, formally stood down from the throne at a brief ceremony at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam on Tuesday. Earlier this year she said that it was time for “a new generation” to reign.
During the ceremony, Beatrix signed a statement that read: ‘I now withdraw from my office of Queen of the Netherlands, and the monarchy will now be transferred to my eldest son, Willem-Alexander.”
King Willem-Alexander is 46. He is the first Dutch king since Willem III in 1890.
“I am happy and grateful to introduce to you your new king, Willem-Alexander,” Beatrix later told a cheering crowd of thousands in Amsterdam’s Dam Square, from the balcony of the Royal Palace.

Source | USAtoday

Likwid at the beach: Party with Belvedere Vodka on May 1st

Likwid at the beach: Party with Beldevere Vodka on May 1st

Belvedere Vodka presents Likwid at The Beach
This Strictly-by-invitation event is taking beach partying to the next level with an awesome mix of sun, music, refreshing drinks, and pretty people.
Ladies, slip into that legendary bikini and sandals. Gentlemen, bring out the cabin cruisers as we celebrate this May Day in style.
Life is a Beach party. Kick it up a notch and party with Belvedere Vodka!

Date: May 1st 2013
Venue: Ibeshe Private Beach Resort
Dress Code: Beach Chic
Contact: Ayana – 08033677383


The first ever Nigeria Bloggers fair ended at the weekend at Oceanview restaurant in V/I Lagos, Sponsored by Fidelity Bank PLC the fair was aimed at bringing together both established and upcoming bloggers and related players in the digital media industry.
It also sought to stimulate cross fertilization of ideas amongst players in this area; encourage them on how they can use their platform for developmental objectives, as well as how they can run as profitable enterprises.

How To Get Rid Of A One Night Stand

How To Get Rid Of A One Night Stand

Are you a player? Do you have so many one night stands or flings that you now have problems getting rid of them? We have come to save you. Here is how;
Just before you pick her up, let her know you are not always available(Just in case she decides to drop by every other time after that night) tell her how demanding your work is and how tight your schedule can be.
Add that you hardly have time to even hang out with friends or visit family. This way she knows if she tries to become a part of your life after then, you’d have no time for her. No woman wants to “chase a man all around town” anyway, so she’d not even give it a thought.
When you’re ready to get down, suggest her apartment and give “genuine” reasons why your apartment is impossible for the act. For instance, you can tell her your cousin just arrived at your place and he’s such a nosy one, you don’t like him to always know your business. Or you could tell him your house has got thin walls and you don’t want your neighbours looking at you weirdly the next morning. This would help you keep her away just in case she wants to keep coming back to check you at the house.
Whatever lie you want to tell, make sure it is already fit into place from the night before the sex. For example, if you need to jet out in the morning before she begins to offer you coffee or start a conversation, and you don’t want her to feel insulted, then you can say “remember I told you about how I wanted to change my job last night? I have an appointment with a potential employer this morning”. You must say things that would not give you out. If not, she’d know the real deal.
Also, you can text your friend(better still from the night before) to call you and act like it is an emergency call. Tell your friend that it is not a good time(so she can hear you) and act like you are being pleaded with to help a friend in need.
She’d understand and let you leave and you’d be free.

New Joint: Joe EL Amadi – I Don Dirty [Sexy Ladies]

Get Familiar: Joe EL Amadi – I Don Dirty [Sexy Ladies]

Joe EL has been working day in-day out of studio, Here’s one of the recently recorded sinle titled ‘I don dirty’, Which is a party song on the cool side.
Take a listen, Download and share your views. Produced by Sol Shine, Mixed and Mastered by SheyMan.
Joe EL Amadi - I Don Dirty [Sexy Ladies]

Rihanna buys N170million limited edition Mercedes Benz for Chris Brown’s birthday (Photo)

Rihanna buys N170million limited edition Merceds Benz for Chris Brown’s birthday (Photo)

Chris Brown’s birthday is on May 5 and Rihanna will reportedly puchase an expensive item that will be just the “main gift.”
The Stay singer has reportedly purchased a limited-edition 2009 Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss; only 75 were made.
“Rihanna has spent more than a million dollars on his main gift – a custom-made car,” a source told Naughty But Nice Rob. “She’s had his initials put on the red leather seats.”
According to exoticcars.com, the 2009 Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss is supplied with a hemlet and racing goggles, has gullwing doors and cannot be driven in the United States.
According to another report, Rihanna has a concert in New York on his birthday so she is secretly hoping that Brown will come to the Big Apple so they can celebrate it together.
“Chris treated her so bomb and surprised her with his presence when she turned 25, she wants to be with him badly when he turns 24,” a source told Hollywood Life.
As for the birthday plans in addition to the exotic car purchase, “it’s a surprise,” the insider said.
“All I can say is she’s got a few things up her sleeve. She wants Chris to know how much she loves him and wants him and honestly, she just wants to be with him and let him know she’s got his back.”

Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR Stirling Moss at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show
- EnStarz

Guess Which Celebrity Couple Both Put a Ring on It!

Celeb Engagement Rings

This celebrity couple got engaged a few months ago.
BellaNaija was the first major site to break the news.
Both the beautiful bride-to-be and handsome groom-to-be are rocking blinged out engagement rings!

Who are they?
Leave your guesses in the comments section!
While we are at it, fellas would you rock an engagement ring? Ladies, will you want you man to?

Selena Gomez working with Justin Bieber’s pastor to help him, Dude's been cray lately

True love never dies: Selena Gomez working with Justin Bieber’s pastor to help him

Selena Gomez has reportedly approached Justin Bieber’s pastor in a bid to help the troubled star.
The singer-and-actress sparked speculation she has rekindled her romance with the pop heartthrob when they were spotted kissing in Norway earlier this month. Since the stars initially split late last year, Justin has seemingly been on a downward spiral ‘ he was criticised for arriving late on stage for his world tour, accused of spitting at a neighbour and his tour bus was searched for drugs by police last week. However, Selena is determined to get Justin back on the right track and has turned to Pastor Judah Smith for advice.
‘Selena’s been in touch with Justin’s best friend Pastor Judah Smith and asking advice on how she should approach things. He’s convinced that Selena can help Justin, so he’s doing everything he can to get them back together,’ a source told British magazine Heat.
Justin and Selena seemed to confirm they are an item again when she appeared in a photograph with him shirtless on Instagram last week.
As well as seeking advice from the pastor, she’s also been in contact with Justin’s confidante and former ‘swagger coach’ Ryan Good.
‘Selena’s been asking friends like Ryan and Judah how she should win Justin round,’ the source added. ‘She feels he needs her more than ever and wants to at least be friends with him again ‘ she thinks he’s lost his way without his usual support network and wants to make sure he’s alright.’
Judah has spoken out about Justin’s rocky patch. He believes the 19-year-old star needs the support of loved ones to help him through this difficult period.
‘The celebrities that I counsel are some of the most isolated and sometimes alone people in the world,’ he told the magazine. ‘I’m a firm believer in community and having people around who love you.’
Judah has apparently been trying to get Selena and Justin to reunite for some time.
It has been claimed he gave Selena a copy of the relationship book The 5 Languages of Love: The Secret to Love that Lasts in a bid to help them work through their issues.
- Music-News

Nadia Buari and Nigerian-born Hollywood actor, Dapo Okeniyi cover Complete Fashion

Complete Fashion...

Complete Fashion magazine is back on the stands with Hollywood rookie, Dayo Okeniyi and exquisitely beautiful actress, Nadia Buari gracing the cover.
Dayo, who is known for his starring role as Thresh in the movie ‘Hunger Games’ has a Nigerian father, from Oyo state and a Kenyan mother.
Nadia looks as graceful as ever on the cover of the magazine latest edition. Cool stuff!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Photos Of D'Banj And His Back Up Dancers On The Shoot Of His New Video In Lagos


Photo: Omotola Jalade Ekeinde Spotted with Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child

Photos: Tuface's Son Celebrates 5th Birthday In America (The One He Had With Sunmbo Zion)

Happy burfday Lil Man

The Rock Recovers Nicely From Surgery

The Rock Recovers Nicely From Surgery

Odemwingie Named ‘Twat Of The Year’ At West Brom Official Awards

Odemwingie Named ‘Twat Of The Year’ At West Brom Official Awards

NBA star Jason Collins becomes 1st American athlete to publicly declare he's ''GAY''

Paving the way: NBA star Jason Collins becomes 1st American athlete to be publicly gay

NBA basketball player Jason Collins has made a gigantic leap for the gay community by revealing his interest in same-sex relations in an exclusive interview with Sports Illustrated.
According to reports, Collins’ annoucement makes him the first active NBA player to reveal his sexual preference for men.

Washington Wizards center Jason Collins — who’s been playing in the NBA since 2001 — has revealed he’s gay … making him the first major active American male pro athlete to come out of the closet . Collins revealed the news in an article for Sports Illustrated … saying, “I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.” He continued, “I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation.”
Collins said he initially broke the news to his twin brother last year.

Collins — and his twin brother Jarron — have been high profile athletes since high school … when they were two of the highest rated prep players in the country. They both went on to become standouts at Stanford … and were each drafted into the NBA in 2001. Jason says he didn’t come out to his twin until last summer. “I’m glad I can stop hiding and refocus on my 13th NBA season.”

Check out Photos of Nollywood Actresses Oge Okoye & Princess Chineke in House of MaliQ’s May 2013 Issue

House of Maliq (5)

Oge Okoye plays a little with her sultry side in this new issue of House of MailQ as Princess Chineke does quite the opposite as she’s ‘mean mugging’ in her photos. In this May 2013 Issue, the Nollywood vixens tell us everything we need to know about the Nollywood lifestyle and why they are names to look out for.
Check out the Photos Here!

New Video: Laolu | Love Before Ft Lindsey

New Video: Laolu | Love Before Ft Lindsey

Afromysterics Presents, “Love Before” by Laolu featuring the ubertalenter songstress, Lindsey. The video was shot in Johannesburg, South Africa by Maxani Films and produced by Basik Media.
The song was written and arranged by Laolu Senbanjo and produced by Atta LeNell and Gospel Obi.
Laolu is a Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Visual Artist and a Human Rights Lawyer. He’s the creator of the Afromysterics style of Art, meaning, “the mystery of the African thought pattern.” You can see his works on his website or in his gallery in Abuja. He divides his time between Abuja and the US.
This is a beautiful love song with a beautiful and lovable tune to it and I’m absolutely certain you guys will fall in love with this track. Totally deserves .36 of your time

Watch The Video Below


This Initiative was brought about by 3ra'fique communications and Ali Baba, they joined forces so as to eradicate malaria using football as a means of communicating to the general public, It had a blend of Sports, entertainment and comedy, which made the arena alive. The event held saturday 27th of April 2013 at the , It was a star studed event as top notch comedians were present, Ace On-air personalities and a host of other celebrities. Below is a press release from 3ra'que communication.

Steaming Hot Photo Of Ronaldo's Miss BumBum Brazil in Bikini

Andressa Urach (Credit: The Sun)
Andressa Urach (Credit: The Sun)

Till we have an update on this story, that appears to have ended (maybe not), enjoy this upclose photo of Miss Hot Pants BumBum on the beach, colour blocking in a bikini.... I was just thinkin, if he really did hit it, Mehn Ronaldo.. Tuale :D

Ray J Releases ''I Hit It first'' Video... Watch

Ray J has finally released the Video for The I HIT IT FIRST Single where he disses Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, He used a Kim look alike and a couple of scenes from their infamous sextape

Watch Video Below


Meet top 5 first ladies of Nigerian pop music; Tiwa Savage, Niyola....

Emma Nyra, Niyola, Tiwa Savage, Sasha, Yemi Alade

What’s a kingdom without a queen? What’s a record label without its first lady? In urban music, having a lady in a music crew, group or label was necessary in the 80’s 90’s and 00’s. Ruff Ryders had Eve, Murda Inc had Ashanti, Junior Mafia had Lil Kim and in today’s scene the powerful music conglomerate YMCMB have Nicki Minaj.

Meet 3 generations of Nigeria’s greatest music producers: Laolu Akins, Nelson Brown and Don Jazzy

3 generations of nigerians greatest Producers
Don Jazzy, Laolu Akins and Nelson Brown.

Now how do we explain this invaluable photo? Three generations of music producers, the best of their time!
At the Nigerian Entertainment Conference (which held on Friday, April 26, 2013), three generations of super producers met up – Pop monster beat maker Don Jazzy, revered music producer Laolu Akins and late 90′s music maestro Nelson Brown.

Laolu Akins (full name Olaoluwa Oluwole Akintobi) says he kicked off his career in music around 1972. He is credited to be one of the very few who commercialized music production with multi platinum like Shina Peters’ ‘Ace‘ and Shinamania as well as Adewale Ayuba’s Bubble to his credit. He also produced for the likes of Onyeka Onwenu and may others

Nelson Brown (real name Nelson Omoiri) who kicked off his career in the 80′s helped create some of the best Pop hits of the 90s. From studios in FESTAC, Apapa and Lekki, all in Lagos, Brown produced for the likes of Sunny Neji, Daddy Showkey, Baba Fryo, Sound Sultan and notably the Plantashun Boiz (2face, Black Face and Faze). He won the AMEN Award for best producer in 1998.

Don Jazzy (real name Michael Collins) started making his name in 2004, returning from the UK and partnering with Pop star D’banj. Don Jazzy went on to produce some of the biggest tunes of this era with the Mo’Hits dynasty. He also scored mega hits producing for the likes of Weird MC (Ijoya), Ikechukwu (Wind am well, Critical) and others.
This is one of my most cherished pics now. Was humbled being in the presence of these great men‘, Don Jazzy wrote about meeting with Akins and Brown.

Source: Thenetng.net

Onos O Of Bellanaija.com Co-Hosts with MTV VJ Ehiz This Week! Banky W remains Number One on the MTV Base Official Naija Top 10

Onos O (1)

This week’s MTV Base Official Naija Top 10 is really a special one as BellaNaija.com’s Entertainment editor, one of the panel of judges, Onos O is the studio guest for the week, and will discuss with MTV Base VJ, Ehiz on the hottest superstars on this week’s chart.
Banky W‘s “Yes/No” remains number one from last week, as 2Face‘s “Ihe Neme” drops down one more position to number three. On the other hand, Tiwa Savage, Davido and Darey continuing to climb up the charts.

Onos O (2)

The eighth episode of the Official Naija Top 10 premiered on the MTV Base block on NTA on Friday 26 April, and can be seen on MTV Base (DStv Channel 322) on Tuesday 30 April @22.00 WAT, on AIT on Tuesday 30 April @ 21.30 WAT, and on STV Thursday 2 May @ 18.00 WAT. Next week’s chart will be released on Friday 3 May on NTA @ 23.30 WAT.
Here’s this week’s Official Naija Top 10 (April 26 – May 3, 2013) countdown:

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