Friday, June 27, 2014

"I'm a virgin,I know nothing about sex"-Nollywood actress Seyi Hunter

Seyi Hunter 1

Adokiye has new competition.. Nollywood actress Seyi Hunter who has been in films like Broken Fixtures, My Club, MM Girls, says she is a virgin..When asked by Vanguard she said..
"I’m not looking for a stinkingly rich man. If he has allthe money without good attributes, then he’s not for me.I like humble people. So, he has to be humble, God-fearing, extremely nice, very romantic and loving.Yes. I was attracted to him(her boyfriend) because of the fact that he’s born again, spoils me with gifts and puts my needs before his own 
When asked which is more important between money and sex..she said..
I know nothing about sex, I’m a virgin. Money is more important to me in a relationship.

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