Friday, June 7, 2013

LoL.. White Lady Beats Up Her Igbo Husband And Blames It On Her Menstruation

White Lady Beat Up Her Igbo Husband And Blames It On Her Menstruation

A glamour model has blamed 'pre-menstrual syndrome' for launching a violent attack against her husband and the manager of an exclusive central London hotel.Katherine Nwaiwu, 28, flew into a rage during a row with her husband at the Kensington Close Hotel in west London.A court heard Nwaiwu - also known as Katrina Wild - violently grabbed and kicked her husband and pushed the hotel manager who tried to intervene.The meltdown - described by a judge as 'thoroughly anti-social' was so bad fellow guests called the police.

The model, who has posed for magazines including Fiesta, Knave and Escort, pleaded guilty yesterday to assaulting husband Chukwudi Nwaiwu and hotel manager Boris Vasquez-Gallo, by beating. The court heard first-time offender Nwaiwu, who makes £25,000 a year from her modelling work, blamed pre-menstrual syndrome for her behaviour.

In response to that, deputy district judge Mr. Timothy Godfrey said: 'I take that into account, but it is no excuse.'Nwaiwu only pleaded guilty to the charges after viewing CCTV evidence, which showed her violently grabbing her husband and pushing the manager in the corridor.Prosecutor Mr Vijay Khuttan told the court the defendant also aimed 'kicks' at her husband, who she became angry with when he told her: 'I'm leaving,' during a row.

'As the husband was leaving the hotel she assaulted him and pushed the manager in the process of trying to get to the fire escape,' he said.'It is a push to the shoulder against the fire exit door, there is no great force as she was trying to push him out of the way, but he had some bruising, which was pointed out by someone else.'

Sentencing her, Mr Godfrey added: 'You did behave in a thoroughly anti-social way that was serious enough to upset other hotel guests that did complain.'This stemmed from you losing your temper with your husband in your room and you did assault him and the manager, who was only doing his job.'

Nwaiwu, of Malmesbury, Wiltshire, was conditionally discharged for twelve months at Hammersmith Magistrates' Court and ordered to pay £400 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.No orders were made for compensation following the incident on January 24.A charge of assaulting one of the police officers who arrived was dropped.

Kai.. Igbo guys this dude just fell your hands... LoL


  1. How did he fall his hand?
    Because he did not fight back, get arrested, imprisoned &then deported? Loosing his business, &investments to the woman in the process, is that what you call "falling of hand"?
    In that case fellow Nigerians, when you go outside this country, I encourage you to be the bigger party &keep "falling our hand".
    Thank You.


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