Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jay Jay Okocha listed as one of World Cup’s 100 Footballers of All Time

Jay Jay Okocha - May 2014
Go Nigeria!
Nigerian footballer Jay Jay Okocha is listed as one of World Cup’s 100 footballers of all time. The list released today Tuesday 27th May 2014, was compiled by The Guardian Sports.
19 tournaments, 80 years, hundreds of teams, and thousand of players. A panel of international experts selected the top 100 footballers in the World Cup history.

Jay Jay Okocha - May 2014
The 40-year-old Enugu born striker was listed as number 78.
Jacob Steinberg  of Guardian says “So good they named him twice. Jay-Jay Okocha was a wonderfully original footballer, capable of taking the breath away with the kinds of improvisational skill that was beyond the majority of players: at times, he seemed to be inventing new tricks as he went along. Despite his undoubted quality, he perhaps lacked a crucial level of consistency or decisiveness that might have elevated him to the top, although he did help Nigeria reach the second round twice.”
Thomas N’Kono of Cameroon is the only other African on the list so far.

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