Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mark Zuckerberg Mistakes Curtis Jackson for His Employee

Mark Zuckerberg Mistakes Curtis Jackson for His Employee
In a picture from 2005, the rapper Curtis Jackson posed with the Facebook Employee Kevin Colleran. The picture led to a great confusion in mind of the Facebook founder.

Mark Zuckerberg, the great mind behind the mega-millionaire Facebook site, said when he saw the picture he mistook the rapper for his employee. He thought the rapper was actually a part of the site.
Further, he said he thought Jackson was Facebook's business development head and sales leader. The picture showed the #7 employee of the site posing alongside 50 Cent. Zuckerberg thought from the picture that they have hired the employee.

The confusion remained at place until Zuckerberg met Colleran personally. Two of them met at New York's Virgin Megastore in Union Square that year. At those times, the Facebook had space to show only one person and it cut Colleran out of the picture.

Both of them discussed about the confusion and cleared it. They shared laughter after that. Colleran was hired by Tricia Black and he had never met Zuckerberg or Sean Parker before that.
When 50 Cent came to know about the incident he was surprised. "Damn, should have taken the job", he joked.

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