Friday, June 7, 2013

Prezzo Is Officially Divorced! Wife cited Assaults & Drug Abuse

Prezzo Is Officially Divorced! Wife cited Assaults & Drug Abuse
Kenyan rapper and BBA StarGame housemate, Jackson Makini, popularly known as Prezzo, is now officially a divorcee. 
The high court of Nairobi approved the divorce case filed by his wife, Daisy Jematia Kiplagat, in May 2012 and ordered that the marriage be dissolved.
High court judge - Luka Kimaru granted the divorce and ordered Prezzo to pay a monthly child support of Sh50,000 for the upkeep of their baby that was born in March 2009.
The couple got married in December 2008 and were separated in November 2011 after Daisy filed for divorce on the ground of infidelity and assault on the part of Prezzo. She cited that Prezzo physically and verbally abused her, causing her mental stress and anxiety, and failed to abide by his financial responsibilities which led her into requesting financial assistance from her parents for the upkeep of their child.
She added that Prezzo drinks heavily and consumes narcotic drugs almost on a daily basis after which he subjects her to verbal and physical abuse.

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