Tuesday, June 18, 2013

LAPD clears Justin Beiber for alleged HIT &RUN

LAPD clears Justin Beiber for alleged HIT &RUN
Justin Beiber seemed to have gotten into some kind of trouble earlier as he was being investigated  for a possible hit and run involving a photographer. His infamous white Ferrari pin the paparazzo to a parked car while Justin was on his way from Laugh Factory around 11:45pm last night.
Justin had motioned to the photographers to clear out of the way but had accidentally pinned one to a parked car. Justin did not stop.

LAPD launched an investigation and interviewed Justin a few hours after the incident … and he told cops he didn’t know he hit the photographer.
Police say the photographer was not seriously hurt, but was at fault because he was a pedestrian in the roadway.
Then Justin was cleared.

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