Monday, August 5, 2013

''My love life is boring'' - Halima Abubakar

''My love life is boring'' - Halima Abubakar
quite surprised? So am i!.....Halima is the last person i had in mind to make this kind of revelation. As beautiful,sexy and curvy as she is and yet she has no lovelife? well that's what she told Enc. magazine in an interview last week.
see the excerpts;
Can you talk about your love life right now?
it's actually boring 
i am resting my head, heart and everything that has to do with that. There is nothing like love life to talk about at the moment. 
Does that mean you're single?i am a single woman, if that's what you are asking me 
That means you don't have any man in your life now?
(laughs) I am a sinlge woman. when i had a boyfriend i told you. so i am single. 
Then are you searching? 
who said i am searching? i am a single woman means i am not married.
That means you are searching.  
You said so.

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