Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Guys.. This Is How To Tell If She Wants Sex

How To Tell If She Wants Sex
Forget beer goggles, lack of sleep may make men overestimate a woman’s interest in sex, too, according to a new study presented at this week’s annual SLEEP conference.

Researchers studied 60 college students and found that well-rested men rated women’s sexual intent lower than the men’s desires. After a night without sleep, however, the guys were more likely to assume that ladies wanted to hit the sack.

What gives? “Sleep deprivation seems to inhibit the brain’s frontal lobe,” says one of the study’s authors.
And researchers know that frontal lobe impairment—brought about by other things like brain damage or too much booze—can result in poor decision-making, she adds. For example, studies have shown people are more likely to have unprotected sex when they’re drunk, Penner says.
But don’t let a beat brain get the best of you. Tell if she’s really interested by focusing on her eyes. If she’s fired up, her pupils will be dilated.

The caveat: “Arousal could mean she’s attracted or that she’s disgusted.” Context is everything. To be sure, move a little closer. If she’s interested, she won’t back away.

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