Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ever Wondered The Reasons You Might Still Be Single? Check These Out

Ladies, ever wondered the reasons you might still be single. Check these out!
1. Do not dress half unclad. Exposing your ‘privates’ would not make him appreciate you. Stop wearing t-shirts or panties with vague words like bi*ch.
2. Be polite, men dislike rude and pushy ladies.
3. It is easy to win a man, you have to be determined to keep him.
4. Do not hang around gay men! Flee!
5. Men chase women, so grow up. Stop being a girl.
6. Look feminine, men love it!
7. Excessive complaints and nags put men off.
8. Smile! Laugh! Be fun to be with! With these, melting a man’s heart gets easier.
9. Responsible men do not rush to say “I love you”, until they are sure they really do.
10. Stop dating ‘bad boys’ who hurt you while you keep the ‘good men’ in the friends zone.(Number 10 Is a bit Inevitable, The Ladies Just love the bad boys but, its best you stay away from them... LoL)

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