Monday, June 24, 2013

#BBATheChase : Rubies vs Natasha,the battle rages on!!!

#BBATheChase : Rubies vs Natasha,the battle rages on!!!
Undaunted by the number of times Africa has saved Malawi’s #Natasha, The Rubies once again placed the Malawian on the chopping block for possible eviction on Sunday. For the fourth consecutive week ,#Natasha received the highest number of nominations. One can only wait till later today to see how Natasha will receive the news as she received the news of her nomination last week very hard and was an emotional wreck for most of the week.It seems the #Rubies surely won’t rest until they send the very domestic Malawian packing, Our fingers are crossed to see how the scenario plays out.
Zambia’s #Sulu received the same number of nomination as #Natasha and the clown may also be up for a possible eviction on Sunday. #Bolt who bid his darling #Betty farewell yesterday may also be making an early reunion with her,he received three nominations and automatically makes the danger list. Feza who is the HOH for this week will perform the nerve wreaking task of save and replace later tonight so who do you think Feza will save among these unfortunate trio ?
How the Rubies nominated >
Feza: Pokello, Natasha
Angelo: Elikem, Natasha
Fatima: Pokello, Oneal
Natasha: Elikem, Bolt
Oneal: Sulu, Bassey
Bolt: Sulu, Natasha
Sulu: Bolt, Fatima
Pokello: Bolt, Sulu
Elikem: Sulu, Natasha
Bassey: Feza, Angelo
In the Diamond house, Kenya’s #Annabel must have stepped on many toes while she was HOH last week,The Kenyan received three nominations and only Namibia’s ”Delicious ” #Dillish and this week’s HOH,Tanzania’s #Nando received more nominations than her.#Annabel and #Dillish will surely be up for possible eviction as #Nando will definitely save himself and place another housemate on the chopping block.
How the Diamond nominated >
Dillish: Hakeem and Selly
Melvin: Nando and Bimp
Beverly: Annabel and Selly
Selly: Annabel and Dillish
Bimp: Annabel and Maria
Hakeem: Dillish and Maria
Maria: Hakeem and Nando
Annabel: Hakeem and Nando
Cleo: Dillish and Nando
Nando (HoH): Dillish and Maria


  1. Hakeem is so likes Dillish,but too bad she is busy chasing after melvin

  2. Its so sad that selly just keeps falling for Nando,Babes can't u read inbetween the lines.


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