Wednesday, June 19, 2013

#BBATheChase: Natasha holds meeting to tackle nomination issue

#BBATheChase: Natasha holds meeting to tackle nomination issue
Malawian representative Natasha is not happy with her fellow housemates for nominating her every week.
After being nominated for possible Eviction three weeks in a row, she decided to address her fellow Rubies on the issue last night.
While expressing how unfair it is to constantly fight for her place in the House, Natasha lamented ‘I’m not saying I’m special and don’t deserve to be nominated, however, it’s really disheartening when I’m the only one who has been nominated every week’.
While some of her fellow Housemates looked taken aback by Natasha’s bold move, others showed disinterest in what she had to say - some of the housemates even fell asleep.

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