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Ladies Meet Mildred Mamza, Commonly Called Millie by We her close friends :-D, she hails from Northern Nigeria, She's young, pretty, innovative and charming, she's the definition of dynamic, she intends to bring about a change to Make Up Artistry in Entertainment today. Read her exclusive and Revealing Interview with Entertainment Royale

1. Briefly tell us about yourself, Introduce yourself
 I am Mildred Mamza, everyone calls me Millie. I am a makeup artist. I studied geology and I love art, travelling, swimming and meeting people.

2. What is Dazeita? what was the inspiration behind the name and what does it stand for?

  Dazeita is a name that represents more than just makeup. We also have the Dazeita art gallery and dazeita graphics/design. I'm just in charge of the makeup (Dazeita beauty) aspect of it. Dazeita was inspired by my sister, who is an artist, she combined letters from the names of each member of my family to form the word.  Dazeita stands for creativity, art and innovation.

3. Did you attend any Make up school or you just had the talent in you? if yes which?

I have always loved art, I grew up painting pictures  with poster color and drawing images. Back then, my dolls were my clients (lol). The talent is in the family, makeup artistry is a way I express and put my artistic side to life! And yes, I took makeup classes with Sleek 2years ago.

4.What have your challenges and set backs being a makeup artist? How do you Intend to breakthrough The market and stand out?

  The market is over-saturated, its really competitive but I'm passionate and consistent; I'm able to communicate with a client and take their ideas and translate them into reality. I put my best in all I do.

5. Is Dazeita a full time Job or something by the side, if No tell us what you do asides Dazeita

   Yes, it is a full time job right now. I am available mon-sat(9am-5pm).

6. Do you get some sort of support from your immediate family? How do they feel about what you do?

   Absolutely, my family has been very supportive and I have awesome friends too behind me and with me, they are happy I can get busy doing something I love.

7. Talkin about Make ups, How many Jobs have you had? Which was your best work?

   I have had a couple of jobs, weddings mostly each in its own way unique and fulfilling.

8. Do you have any role model you emulate? Like a make up artist or Fashionista

Tyra Banks she's a beautiful, elegant and goal oriented woman who is positively influencing and inspiring women all over the world. (how i love her eyes) also chanel Iman, michelle obama, naomi campbell, agbani darego, Alek Wek, oprah winfrey,...(*whew) there is more than a handful of them. Jide of st. Ola as well, I love how creative he is.

9. What should we expect from Dazeita this year?

A lot! From makeup to graphics, art... (Errrm) I don't wanna put all our plans out so I'd skip the details. (Grin)... There is so much to be done.

End of Interview.

Mildred: I believe everyone's got talent and God put it there for a reason, find it and your niche and don't take it for granted.

Entertainment Royale: Watch out for her Beauty Tips on this space, Shes willing to let us in to lil secrets about beauty

Photography: Ejike Emmanuel

Models: Samantha Ibrahim, Hadiza Omozuapo, Fatima Mamza

For Bookings and Enquiries:

BB PIN: 25D7D8E4.                                                        
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  1. This is so so Kool!We are proud of you baby.XOXO

  2. Wow,millie, dis is awesome!

  3. I must say this is very inspiring. Pursing one's talent and passion takes a lot more than just having talent and passion. It takes an incredible level of faith.

  4. Very inspiring Millie! Tnx for being a good role model!

  5. This is one of a kind, in one word CREATIVE. Go darl

  6. In 1 word MilliMimaz.... AWESOME!

  7. Awww Millie we're so proud of u!! Go girl!! D Sky is ur Starting point.. *winks**

  8. I love it... Talented lady.

  9. Wow! So proud of u Millie luv. U v done gud 4 yasef. Kudos Echo!

  10. Wow hw swt...reali kul gal u will definately shine tru

  11. Ur name wil b known lyk odas u mentioned.........its jst d begining of success. Kolo


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