Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#BBATheChase: ‘I once had a 4 month abortion’, Beverly Osu confesses

#BBATheChase: ‘I once had a 4 month abortion’, Beverly confesses
Beverly Osu. Photo: Body Lawson

One of Nigeria’s representatives on Big Brother The ChaseBeverly Ada Osu has made several confessions in the name of gisting with housemates.
Beverly first caught viewers’ attention in the house when she was made the Head of house (HOH) and given a task memo to read to the housemates. She couldn’t read it out claiming the grammar in the memo was not comprehensive; even though she said it was a joke, she became a laughing stock on twitter for her inability to read well.
The dark video vixen also mentioned in the house that she and her friends used to do ‘runs’, extorting money from men.
Last week, she made two revelations that seem to have made her friends and family dumbfounded; firstly, she said she once aborted a four month old pregnancy and then she revealed that her mother used to live in America but was deported and arrested some years ago when caught carrying drugs.

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  1. Ds girl shuld gerrout of dat house ooh


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