Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#BBATheChase Hammer Things: Beverley Claims Bolt Is Hitting On Her

#BBATheChase Hammer Things: Beverley Claims Bolt Is Hitting On Her
Apparently Diamond housemate and lover to Ethiopia’s Betty “Bolt” is reportedly hitting on the Nigerian girl Beverly, as she opened out to Big Brother yesterday in her diary session.
The Nigerian model had nothing at all to keep to her self when she was talking to Big Brother in her diary session, she explained to Big Brother that this guy is very disrespectful in a way that he even can not try and respect his girlfriend Betty considering the fact that they “Bolt and Betty” have have been in love since they entered the Big Brother house.
She added that with regard to all that has happened, to all that is happening and to all that is yet to happen between Bolt and Betty since they stepped  into the house, Bolt should also have been very disrespectful to me.

“Bolt is trying to cause some sort of drama which i completely do not want to happen” , she said. The former Ruby housemate also told Big Brother that Bolt touched her legs and he also went further to tell her he will have to kiss her before he exits the Big Brother house.
However in Bolt’s diary session, he completely did not want to talk about trust issues in his relationship with Betty because when Big Brother asked him whether he and Betty really trust each other, he wasn’t confident and straight to point as he has always been previously when answering questions regarding his relationship and Betty.

The only questions right now are, is Beverly telling the truth?, and is Bolt trying to be a player just former Ruby housemate Lk4 did when he was playing Koketso and Beverly? instead of concentrating with only one girl and that is Betty.
On the other hand Betty was straight forward to answer Big Brother’s question when he asked her about the trust issues in her relationship with Bolt, she quickly and confidently answer that they do trust each other properly.
Hope Betty’s Mr Right behaves him self because trying to play girls around won’t do any good, it will only destroy what he already has, and that Betty.

- BBAfrica

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