Saturday, June 8, 2013

#BBATheChase: Angelo voices out his opinion about Annabel

Angelo voices out his opinion about Annabel
Due to the closeness between Angelo and Annabel, housemates were beginning to expect a romance but Angelo who has been cool about it suddenly voiced out his opinion about Annabel.
Angelo told Bimp how much he hated Annabel for swearing at him yesterday for no reason. ‘When I went to ask her why she swore at me, she just said she was angry’, he said.
Angelo became confused when Dillish came to him saying he should have read between the lines, that is, he should have seen that Annabel likes him. Angelo responded saying he expects her to declare her feelings openly to him.
When confronted by Hakeem concerning her reason for saying all those things, Annabel said she spoke out of anger, that is, she didn’t mean to hurt him in any way.

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