Friday, May 17, 2013

Shoprite Receives Bomb Threat

Shoprite Receives Bomb Threat
Unknown persons have reportedly sent a text message to the owner of Shoprite threatening to blow up all Shoprite stores in the country. The text message however stated that he and his group had already planted some explosives in some packs of fruit juice at the store in Victoria Island.

This caused panic amongst customers, as most of them were seen fleeing the mall while motorist deserted the route.

Part of the text message read:  “It is true, we do not deserve amnesty. You’ll even be surprised how I got your number. We came to Shoprite on a mission to drop a bomb. That day, we sow bullet into Five Alive packs. We are from Niger. Someone gave us your number from Abuja. We will make sure we destroy every Shoprite…,”

The Lagos state police command while confirming the threat, said it has begun investigation into the matter to ascertain the identity of the sender.

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