Wednesday, May 29, 2013

M.I launches democracy campaign Themed #TalkAboutIt

M.I Chairman

As part of celebration of 14 years of ‘democracy’ in Nigeria, rapper MI is launching an initiative, ‘Talk About It-The MADC ( Campaign For A Better Nigeria’.
The campaign, the Chocolate City rapper says is based on his desire to see a better Nigeria and helping young people have their opinions heard.
‘It’s wonderful we’ve made it this far and while we glory in the fact, we recognize that to make any more progress, things will have to change. We believe a great way to start is to get us talking about where we are, and where we need to be’, the rapper said.
To be part of the campaign, young and innovative Nigerians are required to express their opinions about Nigeria by logging on to his website or tweet their thoughts on a better Nigeria to @miabaga_dotcom with hashtag #TalkAboutIt.

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