Thursday, July 3, 2014

Relationship Tips: The Things Women Do That Blow Men Away

The Things Women Do That Scare Men Away

Sometimes we remain single for so long that we begin to get anxious and almost get desperate that we do things that eventually turn the men off rather than turn them on.
Then we begin to think there is something very wrong with us and we begin to get depressed. Well, hold on, any of these reasons might be why you are chasing the men away.
  1. Playing hard to get- except you are in secondary school and you are still foolish enough to believe that the harder you are to get, the better guy you pull or the more the guy would love you, I do not see the reason why a grown ass woman should play this game. If you like someone, then show it, let him know. A little flirting never hurt nobody. Once the guy shows his interest in you, he clearly wants something. So how about trying to find out what that is, rather than playing hard to get like a JSS1 student.
  2. Too much make up- Maybe because I am the girl who does not believe in too much make up, I really do not get why ladies spend half a day in front of the mirror, painting their faces and putting so much effort into having a colorful face rather than putting an effort into a great attitude. I am not saying don’t wear makeup, I am saying do not spend so much time and effort on makeup you hide your own beauty in the process. Makeup should enhance your beauty, not hide what you have.
  3. Revealing too much- Oh yes you are not playing hard to get, you are a full grown woman who shows the man she loves that she loves him and you want him to see all the assets you’ve got. So you wear a dress you can barely breathe in, put the twins on full display and wear heels taller than a nepa pole to your date, hoping to get the guy with it. Well, one thing you will be getting for sure, is the D. other things like commitment and a real relationship? I can’t say.
  4. Being Unreal- Take the real you to your date with Mr Potential and not the fake you. If for some reason, you don’t take the real you, then better be ready to be the unreal you for the duration of time that relationship lasts. Because if you don’t, the day he finds out, you will be in real trouble.
  5. Don’t starve or try too hard to look sexy- No sucking in of stomach fat so much you can’t breathe, no using laxatives to purge yourself of whatever just because you want to appear sexy when you are around this guy. Men love women with curves. At least I know for a fact that African men appreciate curves. Nobody wants to have a woman who looks like she has not eaten since she was a baby, so don’t force yourself to stay off food.
  6. They don’t believe in themselves- They think the potential Mr Right is too good to be true, because his credentials rival that of Mark Zuckerberg and his body rivals that of David Beckham and because his future is as bright as Obama’s. if you don’t believe in yourself and that you deserve the best, then you will honestly never get the best. You only get what you believe you deserve. Build your self esteem first before going on that date/meeting that man and the rest is as easy as a piece of cake.

There are more mistakes women make than the ones listed above, if you think you have more, share

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