Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Acid attack survivor Naomi Oni stuns in new photos,reveals she has started dating again

Acid attack survivor Naomi Oni1
Naomi Oni, the victim of a vicious acid attack in 2012 which left her scared for life says she is now dating again and is ready for love...
Naomi whose attacker turned out to be a friend Mary Konye who was jailed for 12 years,admitted that her boyfriend at the time left her 2 months after the attack and it left her wondering if she would ever find love again and if a man would find her attractive.. She told Closer magazine
'When I saw my face, I couldn’t stop crying. I thought, "Who’s going to want to marry me like this?" I felt so low, I didn’t want to live.'
Speaking on her most recent relationship which she also said has ended but boosted her confidence,she said
He said I was gorgeous and completely took me by surprise - he approached me in the street and said he'd read about my story and thought I was so inspirational that he wanted to take me out. Things didn't work out with the guy I was seeing and we’re just friends, but it’s boosted my self-esteem.I'm enjoying being single at the moment but I'm ready to fall in love again with the right person.' The guy I was seeing looked past my scars to the person I am inside. It made me realise the attack doesn’t have to ruin my life.'
Despite her ordeal, Naomi is set on pursuing a career within the fashion and beauty industry

Acid attack survivor Naomi Oni2
Acid attack survivor Naomi Oni3
     Naomi before the attack & Konye her attacker

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