Saturday, June 28, 2014

John Legend Gets Flagged As A Criminal At The Airport

John Legend Gets Flagged As A Criminal At The Airport

The multi awards winning John Legend was flagged as a criminal on Canadian database. In a silly case of mixed up identities, John Legend was refused entry into Canada because the immigration authorities thought he was a criminal.
‘The singer shared his ordeal on Twitter recently, as he was heading back to his America. He revealed that he had problems entering the country because he shared the same name with someone with criminal record.
“Heading to Canada now. Somebody help me out at immigration please,” he wrote. “I’ve told this story before but some of y’all are new… #canadaimmigration. Somebody with my first and last name (John Stephens) but not my birthdate, SS# or anything else, has a criminal record. And I get flagged. I ONLY get flagged in Canada, none of the other 100-something countries in the world.”
 In the next post, Legend suggested that immigration officials were aware of the identity mix up, so his recent trip to the country went well. “I made it through Canadian immigration with no problems this morning. The power of twitter?” he said.

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