Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Freeze CoolFM lashes Etcetera, calls him a moron, shameless on Twitter

Freeze and Etcetera BeefFreeze and Etcetera Beef2
Freeze and Etcetera Beef3
Last Saturday, singer turned writer Etcetera wrote an article titled 'On-Air-Personalities, you have killed radio' where he criticized OAPs saying all they do is glorify celebs, recycle their music, chase fame and fake accents, amongst other things. Well, one of the OAP's has replied him.

Freeze Coolfm, who doesn't mince words, fired shots at him on Twitter this evening. He may not have mentioned Etcetera's name but which other singer turned columnist has been criticizing some of his colleagues in his controversial write ups? See more tweets after the cut...
Freeze and Etcetera Beef4Freeze and Etcetera Beef5Freeze and Etcetera Beef6Freeze and Etcetera Beef7
Freeze and Etcetera Beef8

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