Thursday, June 26, 2014

Chris Brown Could Face Trial for Rejecting Plea Deal

Chris Brown - June 2014 - 01

Loyal” singing superstar Chris Brown is not ready to agree with authorities on his case.
Reports have surfaced that Chris Breezy rejected a peal deal on his misdemeanour assault charges in a Washington D.C. court on Wednesday.
ABC7 News earlier reported that plea deal negotiations had been taking place between Brown and his lawyers and D.C. prosecutors, but Chris Brown was not happy with the deal offered.
Details of the plea deal he rejected are not available yet, but since the deal was rejected, he could be forced to face trial in D.C.
Chris Brown was arrested and charged with misdemeanour assault when Parker Adams pressed charges against Brown for allegedly assaulting him on Oct. 27 outside a hotel in D.C.
Brown reportedly took a photo with two female fans, one of them was Adams’ girlfriend, outside the hotel. Adams claims he tried to get in the photo, and was punched by Chris Brown and his bodyguard, causing his nose to bleed.
Photo Credit: Lopez/Featureflash

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