Sunday, June 29, 2014


Haa! It seems that there is a little 'higi-haga' in the super eagles camp in Brazil.

Our football representatives in the ongoing world cup boycotted their training scheduled to hold at the Estádio Brinco de Ouro, over bonus issues. The players had a meeting with the NFF officials demanding that they get a bonus of $30, 000 each. Normally NFF pays $10,000 for each win and $5,000 for any draws that the team plays at the World Cup.

The players want the $30, 000 dollar bonus because they qualified for the round of 16 knockout stage although they lost to argentina in their last match.

........but before you start coming hard on them....let it be known that Cameroonian players took $104, 000 each(upon their useless perfomance and stellar display of indiscipline) and Ghanaian players took $70, 000 each. Infact, the Ghanaian government had to airlift $3 million after the black stars threatened to boycott their last match with portugal.

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