Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PHOTOS: Take A LOOK Inside A Sex-Doll Factory And See How The Dolls Are Made

A photographer has captured an eerie series of images depicting the factory production of life-size silicone sex dolls.
Each of the Real Dolls, which cost around $7,000, are customized to suit customers’ fantasies.
Matt McMullen, the sculptor of the doll had this to say about his dolls;
“Real Dolls are not just sex toys. It’s way more than that”.
‘Number one, not everybody has the degree of care and respect that it takes to actually own one of these dolls. This is not something that you just kick under your bed,’ he explains.
‘They invest months and months into the planning of what the doll is going to look like, they give her a name, they’ll set up a little closet or space to store the doll, and it becomes a personality. It becomes a presence in their home.
‘And I’m not going to judge, nor do I think anyone else should judge them for that.’
Check out photos below:

Source: Dailymail

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