Sunday, July 28, 2013

Call for Applications: Denrele is searching and ready to mingle

Denrele is searching and ready to mingle

Denrele, in a chat with Nigerian Tribune a few days ago, talked about his marital status, his sexual orientation and his relationship with Charley Boy.
On his marital status, Denrele stated the he was single and ready to mingle. In his words;
I’m a hustler and I’m still trying to get myself together. When the time comes, I’ll get married definitely, but there’s no one in the picture now. I’m searching and ready to mingle.
This question led to wanting to know what the ideal woman of the Chanel O presenter would be and he simply said;
I like someone who would not try to change me and who would understand the complexity that I am. I want someone simple and absolutely free and not intimidated by what I represent.
On issues surrounding whether he was gay or not, Denrele responded that people believe what they want to believe.

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