Monday, June 24, 2013

Is Bad Girl Riri Going To Be Okay??!!??

Should we be worried for Bad Girl Riri??!!??
In a recent interview with UK’s Evening Standard magazine, (14June 2013), Alicia Keys reached out to Rihanna out of concern and has some encouraging words for bad girl Riri.  In the feature, she mentions why she loves Rihanna’s “Unapologetic” attitude, while showing concern that she’s being shown the right type of love. Reflecting on her own past experiences, she says “Who’s really loving you and making sure that you’re ok?” She also described the music business as a very ‘soulless place. Does this really come as a surprise?
Here are bits from the interview (culled from the evening standard magazine) as well as other recent antics from the Unapologetic star.
On what she loves about Rihanna: 
I love her ‘style’ and her boldness, and the fact that she is, no pun intended, so unapologetic. But also, it’s such a tricky, crazy business, and when people are a little bit younger than me, I am always hoping that their soul is good ’cause it can be such a soulless space. Who’s really loving you and making sure that you’re OK? Because everybody wants to make sure you’re OK when they can get something from you, and they’re getting a percentage from you. But they don’t technically care if you’re OK. They just wanna make sure you can stand so you can go to work. So naturally, I am always thinking about people and hoping that in this very soulless place they can find completion.

On whether she thinks Rihanna is in good company:
Um. I don’t know, because I don’t know her personally like that. But I do know there’s a lot of good people at Roc Nation [her management company].  And I do think that as we all get older, you start to be able to say, “No, I am not gonna take that from you any more.” So,’ she smiles, ‘I’m proud of Rihanna, Because it’s not easy to stand up in this crazy world and make it and keep going and try new things. And find your way through it.
During Rihanna’s recent diamond tour in Birmingham,UK, Rihanna proved dangerous with her mic after a fan refused to let go of her as she walked through the crowd, despite her being with her security detail. Rihanna took it upon herself and she violently turned around and hit her fan with her mic and walked on as if nothing had happened and she didn’t miss even one beat in her performance.
Rihanna’s response to someone posting a picture of the incident on social media was simply…. “The bitch wouldn’t let me go”.
Rihanna hitting her fan. Not a clear picture but i'll try to get the video.
Rihanna hitting her fan. Not a clear picture but i’ll try to get the video.
Ganja style
Ganja style
Meanwhile, Rihanna has been spotted in Amsterdam, lighting up and going HAM on the hemp. We just hope it is well with Rihanna’s soul,maybe this is her way of dealing with her recent break up with her on and off boo thing, Chris brown.
DEUCES: Unapologetic RiRi lights up.
DEUCES: Unapologetic RiRi lights up.

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