Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Annie Macaulay Idibia gets blasted on Facebook For Posting Too Many Updates..

Annie Macaulay Idibia gets blasted on Facebook
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Na wa for Nigerian fans. If you no post… wahala. If you too post… kasala.
Annie Idibia got lashed by fans yesterday after she posted this picture (of Isabelle Idibia with a phone) on Facebook followed by the status update.
Some fans on the other end got jealous, angry, infuriated or envious by the show-off. The comments below is the result.
What’s your take on the matter? Is Annie posting too much.

annie idibia

 Source: naijaPOSE

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  1. I wonder y ppl are so judgemental of her, must everyrhing annie does be condemned? Its not easy though for all dos gurls who want to be 2baba's baby mamas! Lol...


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