Sunday, May 19, 2013

GUYS...11 Signs A Girl with a Boyfriend Likes You

Love triangles are complicated affairs.
And it gets worse when a girl gives you attention, and you realize later that she has a boyfriend already!
So what do you do?
Do you continue to pursue her?
Or do you back away?

Is she really leading you on?
Firstly, you can’t always blame the girl and assume she’s leading you on and toying with you.
It’s easy to misinterpret a girl’s sweet and friendly nature and assume she’s hitting on you, when she’s just trying to be friendly!
But then again, there are times when a girl is clearly toying with you just for fun.

Does this girl with a boyfriend really like you?
There’s harmless casual flirting, and then there’s sizzling sexual attraction.
Are you misinterpreting the signs in this case?
Before you go pointing fingers at this girl and call her a cocktease, make sure it’s not just you making big assumptions here.

If she outrageously flirts with you, gets touchy feely and tells you that she wants to go out with you, and finally introduces you to her boyfriend, and then starts flirting again when he isn’t around, that’s a pretty big sign she’s up to something naughty!
And if she isn’t doing that, well, you need to take it slow and read her mind better....

Here are 11 signs a girl with a boyfriend likes you

How can you tell if this girl with a boyfriend really likes you? Well, here are a few signs that could point you in the right direction.

#1 She’s really excited to see you. She waves out wide and grins widely when she sees you across the hallway. And you’re not even her good friend!

#2 Late night chatter. She calls you up late at night, and talks forever. She gets intimate or flirty while talking over the phone or while texting you.

#3 She dates you. She asks you out, or tells you to take her out sometime. She loves hanging out with you when no one’s around.

#4 She wants your attention. She stares at you discreetly from the corner of her eyes even when her boyfriend’s around. Sometimes, she even gives you a wink or smiles at you discreetly, just to get your attention.

#5 Her boyfriend. Her guy doesn’t know you well, and he has no idea that both of you are so friendly and close.

#6 She whines. She bitches about her boyfriend to you, especially while talking late at night. Sometimes, she may even compare her boyfriend to you and say you’re a much better guy!

#7 She’s attached to you. She’s very attached to you emotionally. She needs you and you’re her support system. [Read: 18 signs both of you are having an emotional affair]

#8 She misses you. She tells you she misses you when both of you haven’t been in touch with each other for a while.

#9 She flirts with you. She flirts with you, and sometimes, she even gets physical.

#10 You catch her staring at you. You’re busy doing something and you look up, and see her staring at you with a big grin on her face.

#11 She’s got a split personality. She’s very touchy feely and flirty around you when no one’s around. But when she’s with her boyfriend, she’s more reserved and shy and doesn’t talk much.


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