Friday, May 17, 2013

AfroCandy Insulted Me With Her Statement- Uche Ogbodo

Here is a mail Uche sent out this evening after she read what AfroCandy said about her.

 I, Uche Ogbodo, emphatically state that I am an actress and not a porn star. The fact that I was just experimenting and having fun with the 'Lady Gaga' red hair photo shoot is not an excuse for the likes of AfroCandy to insult me.

If I ever decide to strip in a movie, trust me, it'd be worth it like Halle Berry did in Monster's Ball and Swordfish. Right now I am in talks with a reputable artiste management outfit to represent me and re-invent myself.

 Today is my birthday, so please celebrate with me and wish me well.

Uche Ogbodo.

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