Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From Gangnam to Bootylicious: Psy pays tribute to Beyonce at Seoul concert

South Korean bopper Psy, who enjoyed global success with his Gangnam Style moves last year, has provided further entertainment with his own rendition of Beyoncé's Single Ladies hit.
In concert at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in South Korea, the eccentric singer donned a skimpy red leotard and tried his hand at several bootylicious moves.

Not a sight for the fainthearted, Psy was certainly being put through his paces as he re-enacted Bey's famous dance routine.
The performance also included a clip of Bey dancing to the song with Psy's face on her body. As you do.
But we mustn't mock. Because we reckon this won't be the last time we hear of Psy impersonating a famous singer. Whatever will it be next?

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